The further education institution CADSCHOOL atc SARL

A real-life success story The further education institution CADSCHOOL atc SARL

In 2017, the search for a new owner for this renowned western Swiss company was successful.

During the succession process, an optimal interplay of different factors was decisive in ensuring the successful transfer of CADSCHOOL to its new owner.

The married couple who ran the company addressed the issue of who would take it over from them at an early stage. After the possibility of transferring the company either to a member of their family or to another individual within the company was ruled out, Business Broker AG was entrusted with the sale of CADSCHOOL.

From the very first direct talks between the former owners and the subsequent buyer, it was already clear not only that there was the right rapport between the parties involved, but also that they agreed on the takeover conditions straight away. Furthermore, the financing of part of the purchase price by the bank proved to be uncomplicated, which can be regarded as another factor in the success of the transaction as a whole.

In our success story, you can find out which aspects were beneficial to the transfer of ownership of CADSCHOOL, and the extent to which the close cooperation between the married couple who founded the company and the new owner continues to this day.

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