Succession planning of Tebo AG

Success Story in Record Time Sale of Tebo AG

We were able to support the owners of Tebo AG in the sale of their company. The two owners took over Tebo AG themselves in 2007 and were looking for a successor due to their age.

The search for a suitable successor can be one of the biggest challenges in selling a company. So, it's all the nicer when the parties find each other, like in the specific case of Tebo AG even in a record time of 2.5 months.

Tebo AG has been successfully trading in pumping and measuring technology products for several decades. The two former owners, Peter Hofstetter and Pius Schwitter, took over the company themselves in 2007 and, due to their age, were looking for a buyer for the established trading company.

In this interview, Peter Hofstetter reviews the process from the seller's point of view.

To the interview with the seller

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