Knowledge – Notable facts about sale and valuation of companies
Notable facts about sale and valuation of companies

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A company sale, a succession planning process as well as the purchase of a company are usually very unique events for an entrepreneur (and those who want to become entrepreneurs) . When there is lack of experience, it is even more important to deal with relevant issues and tasks at an early stage. Our knowledge corner supports your individual preparation.


On our blog, the members of our Business Broker AG team write about their various experiences encountered in the process of selling a company and delve deeper into everday topics and issues. Essentially you can’t get more real-life, practical insights anywhere else. The blog is available in German and French. Blog (German)Blog (French)


Our guidelines and checklists will help you with planning your succession, company sale or an acquisition. To our toolbox


When you hear terms such as due diligence, current ratio, earn-out or equity method, do you actually know what they refer to? Our glossary explains the most important technical terms in the fields of M&A and business valuation in a concise and understandable way. To the glossary


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The challenges of selling or buying a company, valuating and pricing are numerous and the various high hurdles are present throughout the sales process. Many unanswered questions combined with stories of fellow entrepreneurs often lead to postponement of the unleasant topic of succession planning or delay that purchase projects are delayed. Are you ready to critically challenge your existing knowledge? Our field articles (German) provide you with exciting new insights.

A first important step towards an optimal solution and a successful company sale undoubtedly lies in the preparation. If you know what to expect and if you deepen your knowledge by getting to know important technical terms and by means of concrete practical examples (German), you will lay the optimal foundation for your succession planning or your purchase project.

Benefit from our many years of experience and closeness to the market for sales and purchases of Swiss SMEs.

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Find out where your next events and theme evenings are taking place or which questions are currently relevant in the market for SME transactions. We keep you informed about events and provide you with teasers for exciting field reports, blog posts and guest contributions - relevant and practical.

Succession planning

The succession plan of every business is unique. However, there are a few tips for the initial meeting between the seller and the prospective buyer that you should keep in mind.

Business Broker AG
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Succession planning of Tebo AG

We were able to support the owners of Tebo AG in the sale of their company. The two owners took over Tebo AG themselves in 2007 and were looking for a successor due to their age.

Business Broker AG
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