Sale of a carpenter's workshop in western Switzerland
CHF 2,250,000
West Switzerland

Sale of a carpenter's workshop in western Switzerland

This carpentry company ("Project QUERCUS") is a one-stop-shop for all projects related to wood.

The sale entails the entire share capital of a company in Western Switzerland, active in the wood trades and ranging from carcassing (carpentry) to finishing (joinery, interior finishing, stairs). QUERCUS can be considered a one-stop store for all projects related to wood.

The company stands out from its peers due to the quality of its qualified, trained and competent employees, who are motivated to carry out interesting and complex works for which they are commissioned by a demanding clientele.

Due to its long history, but also thanks to its participation in several important construction sites, QUERCUS enjoys a high level of recognition in its core market. The generations that have succeeded each other at the head of this company have known how to innovate in order to maintain a positive dynamic over several decades, while bringing in a modern structure and organization with all the appropriate technical means.

For 2021, the company expects a turnover of about 3.5 million CHF and an EBITDA of over 450k CHF.

The acquirer will thus own:
• A healthy and high-performance traditional company
• A high profile and an excellent reputation
• An impeccable quality of services
• A streamlined and well-rehearsed organization, which will allow to realize the projects within the given deadlines
• An efficient quality system
• A stable and autonomous management
• Highly qualified, efficient and motivated staff
• Above average IT (soft) and technical equipment in the industry
• A renowned, diversified and recurring customer base
• An attractive profitability
• A solid order backlog
• Potential for expansion and growth
• A functional, leased location in an optimal geographic location

To buy and operate this business solid knowledge of the French language is a requirement. The entire sales process (documents, correspondence, negotiations, contracts, etc.) is conducted exclusively in French.

This sales mandate is managed by our network partner BDO AG. By filling in the contact form, you confirm that we can forward your data to the appropriate contact person at BDO. You will be contacted directly by BDO.

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