Leading online specialist fashion store
CHF 8,000,000
Commercial enterprises
German speaking Switzerland

Leading online specialist fashion store

Established marketing channels and a client base of over 300,000 contacts result in a continuously high level of orders.

The business for sale is the leading online retailer in Switzerland in its specialist field. The company offers a wide range of products, comprising more than 5,000 items, to meet all the needs of its customers.

The backbone of the company is its internally developed online store and the associated backend software, which is individually tailored to the company's processes. The online store has been designed to meet the specific requirements and is constantly being improved. The platform recorded approx. 1.2 million visitors last year and, in the current year, this figure will be significantly exceeded. The system can be expanded in an extremely flexible manner and features automated sequences across all processes.

The company is very forward-looking with regard to both technology and sustainability. In addition, quality and service are key elements of its philosophy, as demonstrated by the extraordinarily high level of customer satisfaction shown on eTrustedShops.
Numerous long-standing suppliers, which produce the goods themselves, ensure that stock is efficiently and securely replenished with above-average margins.

Thanks to an experienced team, the company operates to a large extent without the owner's involvement. The last few years have seen the establishment of a reliable and competent senior management team, which runs the company independently.

With 70,000 orders projected, a turnover of CHF 3.4 million is forecast for the 2020 financial year, with an above-average gross margin of over CHF 2.7 million. The business has grown organically over the last 17 years and it has posted significant profits every year for more than 10 years.

To buy and operate this business solid knowledge of the German language is a requirement. The entire sales process (documents, correspondence, negotiations, contracts, etc.) is conducted exclusively in German.

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