Well-positioned, specialised construction planning office in an attractive niche market
German speaking Switzerland

Well-positioned, specialised construction planning office in an attractive niche market

Extensive experience and expertise in the implementation of complex and prestigious projects for well-known customers.

The company for sale has, in the course of its business activities, successfully established itself as a specialist in this niche market.

Innovation, efficiency and practicality are the hallmarks of the company's service offering, which includes every step from conception to planning and execution to realisation of the completed project.

These factors have resulted in the company being given access to several nationally and internationally renowned projects The forward-looking and customer-focused orientation of its implementation plans has for many years been the secret of the company's success.

A central element of the company's operational activities is the continuous training of its employees, reflecting a corporate philosophy that focuses on the importance of constant learning and optimisation.

The planning office's customers include a number of very well-known companies. The high level of satisfaction provided is demonstrated by the company's constant utilisation of full capacity and the large number of repeat orders. It has already secured projects up to 2024.

In recent years, the company has generated sales in the range of CHF 800,000 - CHF 900,000, with sales of CHF 663,062 and an adjusted EBITDA of around CHF 180,000 in 2019. A similar result is expected for 2020, but with a higher EBITDA.

The owner now wishes to retire and is therefore looking for a suitable and highly motivated successor, who would like to build on the company's successful foundation and excellent reputation.

To buy and operate this business solid knowledge of the German language is a requirement. The entire sales process (documents, correspondence, negotiations, contracts, etc.) is conducted exclusively in German.

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