Innovative, self-developed first aid solution
CHF 1,000,000
Commercial enterprises
location independent

Innovative, self-developed first aid solution

The Startup offers a unique product, which facilitates the support in emergency situations considerably.

According to Swiss accident insurance statistics, more than 830,000 accidents were reported in 2017. In most cases, first aid has to be provided by those present on site, which is often very difficult due to inadequate training and experience as well as panic. As a result, two medical emergency rescue specialists developed a technological product that helps close the gap in first aid provided by laypersons. In this way, the chances of survival for people in dangerous situations can be significantly increased.

The product is suitable for companies as well as public institutions. Thanks to the personalized configuration of the solution, various functions can be adapted to the respective needs and risks. According to a market analysis, the Swiss market should have a sales potential of at least CHF 23.63 million.

The start-up has successfully mastered the first stage from market analysis, technology development, strategy development and partner search to the production of the prototype. The product is now ready for marketing and the first potential customers are in the acquisition process.

According to budget planning, sales of CHF 1.56 million are targeted for the first year, corresponding to around 350 products sold. Break-even is expected to be reached as early as the second year of operation, with EBITDA forecast at CHF 762,000.

We are looking for one or more investors who know how to use the product and its potential and can access a complementary network for implementation. The investment requirement is estimated to be at least CHF 1,000,000. The investment can take the form of loans or the purchase of additional share capital.

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