Established company in the field of fibre-optic network development
CHF 1,500,000
German speaking Switzerland

Established company in the field of fibre-optic network development

The company operates in a promising market and is optimally positioned thanks to large orders, constant investment and experienced employees.

The business for sale specialises in the development of communications and telecommunications networks. Independently of its fibre-optic network technology (FTTH, FTTB, FTTS and XGS-PON), the company carries out projects both horizontally (from the exchange to the building) and vertically (from the building to the end customer). The company, which is based in the Mittelland region, offers its customers a comprehensive range of services, and undertakes all of the tasks involved in a project, from the planning to the final acceptance.

Thanks to its consistently reliable, timely and high-quality work, the company enjoys an excellent reputation in the sector. Its customers include network operators, energy suppliers and construction companies that have formed part of the company's customer base for several years. Framework contracts have been concluded with its most important customers. These contracts define the collaboration in detail and designate the company as official service provider.

The workforce currently consists of 13 people, including the owner. In the last few years, consistent sales of CHF 1.6 million have been generated and the adjusted EBITDA in 2019 amounted to around CHF 236,000, which corresponds to an EBTIDA margin of just under 15%. In the coming years, however, a strong growth in turnover can be expected, as the company has received a major order. This order will secure an order volume of at least CHF 3.5 million for the company over the next three years.

The owner would like to sell the business because he founded a new company three years ago and wants to focus solely on this in future. The buyer will acquire a solidly positioned company that, thanks to an excellent order position, constant investment in tools and vehicles, as well as employees that have been carefully selected, is ideally equipped to expand further in a promising market.

To buy and operate this business solid knowledge of the German language is a requirement. The entire sales process (documents, correspondence, negotiations, contracts, etc.) is conducted exclusively in German.

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