Service provider for inpatient care with full occupancy
CHF 4,500,000
German speaking Switzerland

Service provider for inpatient care with full occupancy

Top-class residential institute for people with difficult psychological and social circumstances.

At several locations in the Zurich region, the company offers a variety of care places for people over the age of 18 with difficult social and psychological circumstances. As a result of its intensive and long-standing cooperation with various public services and psychiatric institutions, the company has full utilisation of its services and, at the same time, has a long waiting list for the care places it provides.

The company has an extremely high level of cost certainty, as the assumption of costs for the care places is fully clarified before admission of the person requiring care and is regulated primarily by the social services or the invalidity insurance.

The company has an excellent reputation and is held in high esteem among social services and psychiatric facilities due to its comprehensive range of services, which include therapy discussions, everyday care, support with the development of employment skills and also medical care, with the aim of helping the person receiving care back to an independent everyday life.

The staff employed by the company have the highest qualifications and undergo continuous training in order to maintain the high level of quality.
Thanks to its tireless efforts and constant striving for improvement, the company has experienced continuous growth. In 2017, this was reflected in the attractive sales figures generated, which amounted to CHF 2.7 million, and a slight increase in revenues is expected in 2018 as well.
Due to also being involved in other professional projects, the owner is now looking for a suitable successor to continue running this successful company.


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