Lucrative service and trading company in the technical cleaning services sector
CHF 650,000
German speaking Switzerland
location independent

Lucrative service and trading company in the technical cleaning services sector

Thanks to the long-term maintenance contracts, predictable annual sales can be generated.

The company has successfully specialised in the maintenance and sale of cleaning systems for high-rise buildings and building complexes. The company currently has fixed maintenance contracts for over 100 systems.

In addition to maintenance, the company also sells equipment produced by the in-house workshop and modern merchandise from well-known producers. The products are characterised by a very long service life of up to 30 years, which in turn enables the company to generate long-term maintenance revenues.

The company only serves customers in Switzerland, mainly in the German-speaking region. As well as general contractors and architects, various facility management companies and property management companies also make use of its services.
The company reported sales of over CHF 700,000 in 2018, of which an estimated 40% was generated from recurring maintenance revenues. This proportion is expected to increase in the future.

After many years of successfully running the company with great dedication and passion, the owner now wants to sell the company in order to retire.

To buy and operate this business solid knowledge of the German language is a requirement. The entire sales process (documents, correspondence, negotiations, contracts, etc.) is conducted exclusively in German.


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