Highly profitable wood industry specialist
West Switzerland

Highly profitable wood industry specialist

Through a combination of tradition and innovation, this company has been offering one-of-a-kind craftsmanship for over 150 years

This joinery and carpentry business enjoys a long family tradition. Its longevity and prosperity have been secured through a careful balance of traditional and innovative methods. The business offers a range of custom/add-on products and services, and specialises in specific niche markets. Its expert craftsmanship, top-quality select materials and attention to customer needs ensure that work is carried out to a professional and personal standard.

The firm maintains excellent relations with its partners. The business has been built, and new projects are acquired, primarily on recommendation. Its excellent reputation is equalled only by its long-standing presence in the market.

The business employs a staff of around twenty grouped into small independent, skilled teams. In-house organisation is effective and employee loyalty is high. The firm has an ideal business management infrastructure. The business premises also form part of the property and are included in the sales price.

The company's financial position is sound. Over recent years, it has generated turnover in the order of CHF 3 million, and owner earnings for the last financial year amounted to CHF 515,000 at 200% of full-time equivalent (two owners at 100%).

Having skilfully run the business for over 30 years, the owners are approaching well-deserved retirement age and have no internal successor. They are therefore seeking a buyer to ensure the future of this traditional business full of potential.

To buy and operate this business solid knowledge of the French language is a requirement. The entire sales process (documents, correspondence, negotiations, contracts, etc.) is conducted exclusively in French.


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