Expert company in the field of optical fiber test and measurements
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Expert company in the field of optical fiber test and measurements

With more than 20 years of experience in its specific field, the company is well-known thanks to its high-precision technology products.

The company, launched in 2001 by its two current owners, has earned an excellent reputation and visibility in the test and measurement market. The company, and its products, are highly regarded and well referenced by its demanding customers. The unique selling proposition of its niche products is their modularity, their ability to be adapted to the customer needs with short lead times, and the very high quality offered. In order to guarantee the quality of service necessary for the success of the company and be able to run it, the buyer will have to have the relevant education and/or skills and experience (engineer with an affinity with the field of fiber optics or signal treatment or related experience).

Based in the French-speaking part of Switzerland since its launch, operations are very lightly dependent on the current location of its headquarters. Mainly focused on the international market, the company can rely on several, major and trusted partners worldwide to sell their solutions.

Over the last 5 years, the company has generated an average turnover of CHF 1'500'000 with an average adjusted EBITDA margin between 35% and 40%.

After having successfully managed and developed their company, the owners now wish to retire. However, they are willing to support the buyer for a period that remains to be defined, if he so wishes.