Selling companies with Business Broker AG

Business Broker AG is the leading firm in the area of company sales and succession planning for Swiss SMEs. As a pioneer and market leader, Business Broker convinces thanks to its more than 10 years of experience and an internationally oriented network of buyers.

More than 740 companies successfully sold
590 M. CHF
Total sales price with sales prices between CHF 200,000 and 20 million francs
Jobs transferred and secured
Database and network developed with more than 35,000 registered potential buyers

Sell your company with Business Broker AG

Business Broker AG supports company owners through the entire sale process and ensures professional and discreet execution of the sale. We create an attractive company presentation, analyse the balance sheet and develop a marketing concept. Thanks to the large number of projects completed, we have a database of more than 35,000 registered potential buyers and manage the best known online platform in this are with more than 30,000 hits a month.

We are able to guarantee anonymity and discretion thanks to a controlled and consistently implemented sale process. Thanks to the broad marketing, a high number of potential buyers can be generated, which improves the negotiating position leading to a successful completion of the contract. Your success is our goal, which is why we charge a success fee.

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The structured sales process

Efficient and targeted for optimal succession

A clearly defined procedure is a decisive success factor for a successful succession plan. Our professionally managed sales process comprises the following 5 phases: Conclusion and execution of the contract Signing of the purchase contracts and execution actions 5 Negotiation and contract phase: Initiation of negotiations, due diligence, drafting and negotiation of the sales contracts 4 Contact phase Activation of the buyer network and marketing activities, whilst maintaining confidentiality and discretion, selection of suitable potential buyers 3 Preparation phase Detailed company analysis and preparation of marketing documents 2 Define goals Analysis of the initial situation and definition of goals 1

Selling companies with Business Broker

A team of longstanding business brokers will support you from the preparatory phase through the marketing process and on to the effective transaction:

  • No-obligation and free-of-charge initial consultation for preliminary clarification
  • Preparation of an attractive company presentation
  • Comprehensible company valuation based on market experience
  • Active marketing through proven marketing channels
  • Contact with registered interested parties from our database
  • Anonymised advertisement on
  • Creation of contact lists
  • Preselection and assistance for interested parties
  • Support with due diligence
  • Creation and negotiation of purchase agreements
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Tailor-made solutions and efficient processes

The "Tailor-made" area is defined by the size and/or the complexity of the company to be sold. The bigger and more complex the company, the more important a tailor-made, individualised approach becomes. In particular, companies between 10 and 250 employees, annual turnover of CHF 5 to approx. CHF 50 million or an international business are supported with a sale process specifically, individually and tailored according to their requirement:

  • Comprehensive company valuation with clarification of bank financing requirements
  • Development of a financing concept
  • Creation of a contacts list based on possible target companies compiled through market analysis
  • Marketing through an internationally oriented network of buyers from our database
  • Review of interested parties for their financial capabilities and competence

The Corporate Finance team at Business Broker AG manages midsize and/or complex transactions professionally and discreetly. Thanks to the existing network, various options can be evaluated within the marketing phase, fulfilling the most demanding requirements in terms of discretion and confidentiality.

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Guideline for the seller

Selling a company is challenging, time-consuming and often generates difficulties. Stumbling blocks can arise even as the relevant sale documents are being created, and it can also be difficult to find suitable, qualified potential buyers or to manage demanding negotiations. Professional help is well worth having, particularly in the completion phase and the creation of the necessary agreements.

Our guidelines for sellers describe the most important steps in the sale process and help you to get a better picture of the company sale and to carry out the necessary preparations. In addition, our references and success stories will show you examples of successful company sale, with which you may be able to identify.

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A selection of our references

Since 2007, when Business Broker AG was founded, we have helped more than 740 entrepreneurs with the planning and successful realisation of the sale of their companies. These company sales took place as part of succession planning, strategic reorientation or for some other reasons. Below you will find a selection of our references.

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