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Business Broker AG has completed over 740 mandates and is therefore the biggest and most successful consultancy and brokerage company for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland.

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Business Broker AG handles company sales between 200,000 and 20 million francs. The companies involved are always active, have been in the market for several years already and have been able to prove themselves through established products and/or services. The breadth of companies ranges from tradition-steeped, family-run firms to younger companies with exciting potential for development.

In our offer overview you can find several hundred companies that are up for sale and can be filtered according to country, industry and price. New firms are being addedon a regular basis, offering attractive points of entry into entrepreneurial life or helping to accelerate the expansion of an existing company. Whether you're interested in a one-man company, a GmbH or an AG, with us you'll find companies of various different legal forms and sizes throughout Switzerland. From production companies and wholesale firms to online retailers and service providers, we are able to present companies from a huge variety of industries.

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Guideline for the buyer

The route to self-employment, purchasing a company or implementation of expansion plans for one's own company can bring considerable challenges. This begins even with the targeted search for a suitable company and the establishment of a suitable search strategy. One's own possibilities need to be analysed early on. Are there essential skills I need? How will I manage my financial capabilities?

Business Broker AG has various companies on its books that might be of interest to you. In the very early stages you should consider whether the company matches your talents, skills and lifestyle. Nevertheless, you also need to bear in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect company. It's important that you make the leap from observer to entrepreneur. With a purchase, you have to take the decisions. The company's future become your own responsibility. Your company - your opportunities and risks.

Please take the time to read our guidelines for buyers. They will help you to gain clarity regarding your goals and motivation as well as your initial financial and personal situation.

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