Since 2007 Business Broker AG helped more than 740 entrepreneurs with the planning and successful realisation of the sale of their companies. Please find below an excerpt of testimonials from our clients. For specific enquiries please contact us.

This is what company owners say who have sold their business with the help of Business Broker AG

I would like to thank you for the good times with you. It was fireworks through all the negotiations and discussions, thanks to you both I have come through everything so well.  The great result was awesome.

Mrs. Graber, ex flower shop "le clou", Zurich

At first, I was sceptical as I believe that I am myself a good salesman and do not need help. I also found it expensive. Preparing company presentations by using the figures from the annual report was very interesting. After I had given you the mandate I found the total support and the quick sale very agreeable. Now, after the sale, I have to say that I have been very satisfied with your work. Thanks again.

Mr. P. Gutenberg, ex Bakrona Zurich AG

Thank you very much for your help and your big effort. Of course I will recommend Business Broker AG whenever I can.  It is still difficult to say but I am looking forward to the next cooperation, you never know.

Ercole Fusco, ex Fusco Plumbing GmbH

Working together with Business Broker AG was always a pleasure. The reception was very courteous, the execution of the work professional and quick. What I appreciated were the clear understandings which Mr. Schubert repeated after each meeting, so that everyone knew exactly what was meant. The strategies for the sale of my company were supported by a tightly led web portal, the presentation of which shows many years' experience and is set up in a contemporary manner. Discretion was always a top priority; every interested party was bound to observe confidentiality. During the negotiations Mr. Schubert had the necessary calmness, which almost everyone in the position of selling their company is lacking. Also, a high level of know how is a very important factor which Business Broker AG have. I can therefore only recommend engaging the services of Business Broker AG when selling companies and for succession planning.
I am convinced that success is not only achieved through ideas, strategies, goal settings and figures, it requires a human being who is also emotionally involved. Emotional decisions are the strength which is in us and which needs to be considered just as much as intelligence. From my point of view I have been able to experience this combination from Business Broker AG. It also touched me, that when I collected my documents after the sale, the team came together to congratulate me on my success. I felt happy after each visit; it also had something glorious about it because I was one step closer to my success. I would like to thank everyone for the exciting and wonderful time.

Markus Anderegg, ex AM Caretaker

I wish you much success with selling. It is clear for me that you are the best and that I will recommend you anytime.

Mrs. F. Fader, ex Move Fitness enter

What remains is to thank you for the steadfast commitment and for the excellent efforts to date.

Mr. V. Niederberger, ex Londonhouse

No matter how it will develop, we have to thank you very much. We have been independent for almost two decades and we have experienced quite a lot. Your efficiency, paired with understanding and friendliness, is unique.
Continue to work like this. We will make it up to you by referring as many as possible independent company owners wanting to sell to you. I hope that at least in this way we can stay in touch.

Mr. Hoehler, Buyer Gallery Joy AG, Zurich

Firstly: Compliments for the home page, compliments for your efficient way of working, compliments for the excellent documentation.

Mr. R.W., interested party, Fitness Centre Move, Zurich

Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the documents regarding the company. How someone works says a lot about a person and his character. With all of you I have a good feeling to have" landed" at the right place.

Mr. D.P. interested buyer, Event Agency

Dear Mr. Schaufelberger. I have seen the programme on Cash TV and after visiting your website I would like to congratulate you on this idea. As you know, first impressions count and remain. Should I have a company to sell, or would want to by one, I will come and see you. Best regards and much success!

Mrs. M.V.Z.