Reference: AM Hauswart AG

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AM Hauswart AG
Company name
AM Hauswart AG
Type of company
Facility management
CHF 860'000
Number of employees
Date of transaction

AM Hauswart AG was successfully sold to a private individual in 2009.

AM Hauswart AG, operating in the area of house maintenance and facility management, was founded in 1997 and managed successfully by its founder until 2009. In a little more than ten years the company has won numerous clients and has achieved a strong position in the market. Excellent word-of-mouth recommendations were the driving force behind the company's rapid growth. In 2009 the owner decided to sell the company. Business Broker AG supervised the sale process exclusively, contributing to a successful sale.

Working with Business Broker AG was always a pleasure. The many years of experience, the excellent subject knowledge and the appropriate level of discretion were thoroughly convincing. After every visit I felt happy that Business Broker was helping me so much to get one step closer to the success I was aiming for. I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for the exciting and enjoyable time I spent with the whole team at Business Broker.

Mr M Anderegg, former owner of AM Hauswar
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