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Business Broker AG is the largest and most successful consulting and brokerage company in the SME sector in Switzerland. More than 300 finalised projects are proof of our experience and expertise. We specialise in the sale of small and medium-sized companies. Our core competencies are buying companies, selling companies, succession planning and business valuations. We provide active and effective support during the purchase and sale of small and medium-sized companies.

Selling a company with Business Broker AG

We prepare a marketing concept, revise your business deals and put together an attractive company presentation. A higher sales price is attained through active marketing and a professional approach. Risks are avoided and opportunities are used. Legal and tax aspects are clarified. The controlled sales process ensures anonymity and confidentiality. During contract negotiations, we are at your side and working towards the best deal. The time required for commercial sales and the complexity of the process are often underestimated. Experiments during the company's succession cost a lot of time and money.

Your success is our goal! Therefore, we charge a success fee.

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Sell a company

Buying a company with Business Broker AG

We have a large number of attractive companies in our portfolio. Under the heading “Buy a company” next to the details of the individual company you will find a wealth of valuable information about the purchase of the company. You can also set up an automatic search free of charge. The business purchase is free of commission for the purchaser — we are commissioned by the seller and this is where we receive our fee.

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Buy a company

Business valuation

We value a company using five different assessment methods. A thorough evaluation by the Company Business Broker AG is often used to determine the realistic market value in court matters.

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Business Valuation