Ten years of Business Broker AG from start-up to market leader


Foreword on the anniversary

Dear Valued Clients, Business Partners, Friends and Interested Parties,

Foto Valentina Keller

We sincerely thank you for the trust you have placed in us in the past and the successful cooperation with you as clients and business partners for mutual benefit over the last ten years. During this time, we have been able to support more than 500 company owners in most diverse industries and regions of Switzerland in their succession planning. Thus we ensured that their life's work is transferred to new and capable hands.

In the future we will continue to expand our activities throughout Switzerland and enhance our services for successful succession planning for SMEs. Over the coming years countless companies are projected to change hands, which is where our team at Business Broker AG intends to put all expertise to good use. We would be delighted to support you with our knowledge, experience and commitment to business transactions.

To mark our tenth anniversary, we would like to take the opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved so far and to remember a few highlights and milestones from the last ten years. Please join us on a journey through our history and discover interesting facts about our day-to-day work on this anniversary page.

I hope you enjoy reading this.

Valentina Keller

Member of the Executive Board

Ten years of brokering company transactions
from the initial business idea, conceived under palm trees, to the market leader in Switzerland

It was under palm trees that the original idea for Business Broker AG was conceived. After a few years of successful entrepreneurship in Switzerland and the subsequent sale of their two companies, Samuel and Bettina Schaufelberger moved to Australia to enjoy prolonged time out and to make plans for the future.

The principle of "once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur" applies particularly for Samuel Schaufelberger however, who was already exploring new, exciting business models. He found what he was looking for in the model of business brokerage. In Australia and in the Anglo-Saxon world in general the brokering and management of company sales has long been an established area of business. A that point in Switzerland there was neither a transparent market nor specialised consultants who could assist and advise SME-owners in particular with the sale of their companies. Immediately, convinced by the huge potential for Switzerland, in autumn of 2006 Samuel Schaufelberger got in touch with his longstanding friend Andreas Schubert, who at that point was working as a consultant and managing director with a renowned management consultancy firm. In February 2007, Schubert flew to Australia for two weeks in order to get an idea of what was involved and required to develop the concept together with the couple Schaufelbergers.

On 18 April 2007 Business Broker AG was founded as a company by Samuel Schaufelberger, Bettina Schaufelberger and Andreas Schubert. Concept, logo, website, office infrastructure - it was all in place, but business was sluggish at first. In Switzerland, the service was completely unknown and there was no existing network in the SME area, so each client had to be acquired by means of cold-calling.

But the enormous efforts of the founders paid off: by the end of 2007 14 clients had been acquired and two minimal mandates sold for just CHF 40,000. In 2008, 26 new clients were acquired by means of cold-calling and 15 companies sold. In 2009, the start-up spell appeared to have finally been broken and the business started to grow continuously. The first employees werehired,, advertisements were placed and the first newspaper articles could be drafted.

More than 500 companies successfully sold
370 M. CHF
Total sales price of 370 million francs with sales prices between CHF 200,000 and 25 million francs
Over 3,500 jobs transferred and secured
Database and network developed with more than 25,000 registered potential buyers

Business Broker AG was sold to Raiffeisen Schweiz Genossenschaft

In 2014 the three founders of Business Broker AG applied their knowledge to their own business and sold the company to Raiffeisen Switzerland.

Now - ten years after the company was founded - the workforce has grown to 20 employees. Over 500 successful transactions are on record, the database of registered potential buyers has reached around 25,000 entries and is still constantly growing. The number of current mandates is constantly around 150 active mandates in various industries.

You can find further milestones from ten years of Business Broker AG history in the following review.

A review - milestones in the history of Business Broker AG

2006 Herbst Geburt der Geschäftsidee in Australien
2007 April Gründung der Business Broker AG & Eintragung ins Handelsregister
2007 Juli Bezug der Büros an der Höschgasse im Zürcher Seefeld
www.businessbroker.ch - Die Webseite mit eigener Plattform geht online
2009 Mai Erster Fernseh-Bericht über die Business Broker AG
2009 Dezember Erstmals können über 50 Verkaufsmandate in einem Jahr akquiriert werden
2010 November Umzug in die Büros an der Florastrasse im Zürcher Seefeld
2010 Juni Der eigene Werbespot wird erstmals ausgestrahlt
2011 Februar Lancierung des zusätzlichen Geschäftsbereichs Business Estate
2011 März Lancierung des zusätzlichen Geschäftsbereichs Business Valuation
2012 Juni Erste Auflage des Business Broker eigenen Buches "Praxisleitfaden: Unternehmen erfolgreich verkaufen" (Orell Füssli Verlag)
2012 Juni Gründung des Business Buyer-Clubs
2012 Dezember Erstmals werden über 50 Transaktionen in einem Jahr erfolgreich abgewickelt
2013 Juni Eröffnung des Standortes Lausanne
2013 November Lancierung des ersten Business Broker Events für Verkäufer
2014 April Übernahme der Business Broker AG durch die Raiffeisen Gruppe
2014 September Eröffnung des Standorts Gossau beim Raiffeisen Unternehmerzentrum RUZ
2015 April Eröffnung des Standorts Baar beim Raiffeisen Unternehmerzentrum RUZ
2016 Februar Umzug in Lausanne
2016 August Erweiterung der Standorte um die Büros im RUZ Aarau-West
2017 Mai Lancierung der neuen Webpage & Jubiläumsaktivitäten

Success stories from practice - the challenges of buying and selling companies

What could give you a better impression of the challenges of buying and selling companies than personal experience reports from real-life buyers and sellers.

Following you can find out more about the process, the opportunities and the risks of company transactions from selected real-life examples and reports.

Voices on the anniversary: founding ideas and development potential

Urs P. Gauch Urs P. Gauch Chairman of the Board of Directors at Business Broker AG
Department Manager Corporate Clients and Member of the Executive Board, Raiffeisen Switzerland

It is our goal and our claim to be a strong partner for our corporate clients and to offer an attractive product and service package. Through the takeover of Business Broker AG in 2014, the service offering for entrepreneurs could be expanded substantially. As Raiffeisen Group, with partners such as the Raiffeisen Business Owner Centre, Vorsorge Partner and Business Broker AG, we are able to support and advise our clients optimally throughout the entire lifecycle of their entrepreneurial activity through to the resolution of succession. With the establishment and further development of the corporate clients business within Raiffeisen, Business Broker will also gain a more significant role and be increasingly integrated into the overall network. I am convinced that this results in a win-win-win situation: for our clients, Raiffeisen Bank and Business Broker. In my role as Chairman of the Board of Directors, I would like to congratulate Business Broker AG and the entire team on the success of the last ten years and wish them all a successful future.

Andreas Schubert Andreas Schubert Founder and former owner of Business Broker AG

Big congratulations on the anniversary! For some years now Business Broker has been the biggest and most successful business in the area of company sales and succession planning. I am proud of this performance, which is down to the huge efforts of all current and former employees, the trust of our clients and permanent further development and investment in the business. A big thank you to everybody and all the very best for the future.

Samuel Schaufelberger Samuel Schaufelberger Founder and former owner of Business Broker AG

It was in February 2007, over dinner at Sails Restaurant in Noosa Head, Australia, that Andreas Schubert, my wife Bettina and I decided to start Business Broker AG. By the time dessert came, we had already defined all our goals: an immediate start in Zurich, achieve profits of at least two million within a few years and subsequently sell the company for a good price. Our specialist competence in relation to company transactions was almost zero at that point, but we recognised the huge potential of the business idea and put our hearts and souls into it. We defined a clear goal and then stuck to it. Ultimately our success proved us right.

You too can benefit from our expertise based on ten years of business activity.

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