Innovative ICT company with scalable business model
CHF 1,400,000
German speaking Switzerland

Innovative ICT company with scalable business model

Platform for integrated value creation in innovation projects. Combined with Big Data and artificial intelligence.

A dynamic start-up in an international growth market in the digital sector offers expansion-oriented investors an opportunity to participate. The company's goal is to implement the business model of a novel digital Internet platform. For the implementation phase, investors interested in sustainable growth are sought. For this purpose a minority shareholding is offered.

In January 2019, two experienced initiators founded the ICT company. The business model was verified by potential customers in a preliminary phase of just under two years and supported by a market analysis, including a competitive analysis. With the implementation of the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) in March 2020, the management team was expanded on a strategic-operational level and the company was transformed into a stock corporation. The Board of Directors consists of the two founders and a focused team of three experienced experts covering all key areas for the coming phase.

For the coming phase, the company needs more capacity in the project team as well as additional financial resources to realize its full potential. The planned capital increase is a key instrument to strengthen the company; it will enable the company to strengthen its position as the sole provider at present and keep any competitors and imitators at bay. The capital increase will offer investors the greatest possible participation in the company's success right from the start. For an investment of CHF 1.4 million, an 18.6% stake in the share capital is offered.

The valuation of this share was based on a risk-based capitalised earnings value calculation. Financing by several investors is conceivable, whereby the minimum amount for an investment is CHF 100,000. Depending on the amount of the financing and the investor constellation, a seat on the Board of Directors will be offered.

To buy and operate this business solid knowledge of the German language is a requirement. The entire sales process (documents, correspondence, negotiations, contracts, etc.) is conducted exclusively in German.

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