Producer of specialised equipment in attractive market niches
German speaking Switzerland

Producer of specialised equipment in attractive market niches

A company with proprietary products in the medical field and long-standing, loyal regular customers around the world.

The company has many years of experience with a diversified product portfolio in specialised niche markets. The company's products include devices that are used in the medical field.

The company covers the entire value-adding chain, from research and development to production and distribution. Due to its very close contact with the market and regular discussions with customers, the company enjoys a very good reputation in the market. The owner runs the business together with his wife.

The international customer base consists of therapists, resellers, craftsmen and individual consumers. The company attracts a wide variety of customers due to its highly diversified but also very specialised product range. Many of the customers have been buying products from the company for a long time and really appreciate the close relationship they have with the company and the company's solution-oriented, efficient way of working.

The company's sales have been constantly around CHF 200,000 in recent years, with sales of around CHF 205,000 being achieved in 2018. The owner profit in that year was around CHF 70,000. There is great potential relating to the implementation of marketing activities and active acquisition measures, as very little such work is currently carried out.

Due to his age, the owner is now looking for a suitable successor, who can continue to run the company with great enthusiasm and passion, and who is interested in redeveloping and further developing the products.

To buy and operate this business solid knowledge of the German language is a requirement. The entire sales process (documents, correspondence, negotiations, contracts, etc.) is conducted exclusively in German.

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