Printing plants active in high value-added markets
West Switzerland

Printing plants active in high value-added markets

The industrial group generates attractive margins thanks to having the latest technology and special expertise.

In existence for several decades, the printing plants owned by this Group boast an excellent reputation. Their perfect combination of production tools, expertise and services gives them access to various niche markets. The high level of quality provided by the Group meets print production needs in areas with the most demanding requirements. The Group is also the owner and publisher of three weekly newspapers. The variety of products offered in the business units ensures that income is generated from a wide range of sources and customers.

Given the very high level of profitability (in comparison to other industry players), the Group enjoys an excellent financial position. This enables it to develop on the basis of an innovative corporate culture and to invest regularly in the latest technologies available on the market. Furthermore, the main business unit has its own premises (replacement value of buildings: CHF 4.25 million).

The team of around 70 specialist staff represents an undeniable strength of the Group. The in-house expertise and the autonomy of managers provides the Group with a level of stability consistent with its development.

The Group is seeing steady growth and over the last four years has recorded a sharp rise in its turnover, now approaching CHF 15 million. Each of the Group's business units still has undeniable development potential.

The shareholders would like to sell the Group's entire share capital. The property owned by one of the subsidiaries is also part of the transaction and has the potential to be developed.

To buy and operate this business solid knowledge of the French language is a requirement. The entire sales process (documents, correspondence, negotiations, contracts, etc.) is conducted exclusively in French.


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