Highly profitable training institute for trainers and coaches
German speaking Switzerland

Highly profitable training institute for trainers and coaches

A market leader in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the institute impresses with its in-house developed training methodology, which is protected by trademark law

The company for sale has provided leadership, coach and trainer courses for more than two decades and offers its clients numerous specialist academic courses. The training courses are based on a model that has been developed by the owner. It is protected by trademark and has been scientifically validated twice. The model is distinguished by how it can be customised, which allows it to be used in various environments (leadership, social affairs, education, management).

The company's customers include participants who pay for themselves as well as companies that offer their employees further education opportunities. The institute helps and supports people from commercial, educational and social fields and trains team leaders, managers, self-employed people as well as teachers, therapists and psychologists. The high quality of the training, the customer service and the professional expertise of the lecturers are reflected in a customer recommendation rate of 98%.

The training institute impresses with its streamlined organisational structure and currently has four permanent employees, who are responsible for management and administration. The training courses are carried out by lecturers and coaches with an academic background, who are employed on an assignment basis and are remunerated for each course they give.

The company has recorded a massive rise in turnover in the last few years and increased its income from CHF 1,294,000 in 2013 to CHF 1,930,000 in 2016. The adjusted gross profit 2, after deduction of external service costs and personnel costs, amounted to CHF 1,009,000 in the most recent period, which equates to an excellent gross margin of 52%.

The owner wants to arrange for someone to take over the business in good time and hand over the company to the new owner before reaching retirement age.

To buy and operate this business solid knowledge of the German language is a requirement. The entire sales process (documents, correspondence, negotiations, contracts, etc.) is conducted exclusively in German.


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