Profitable specialist in the automation of industrial plants
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Profitable specialist in the automation of industrial plants

The engineering company has many years of experience in the realisation of large projects.

The company for sale is the specialist when it comes to the automation of industrial systems. The engineering company provides customised solutions and services in automation technology, control engineering, process visualisation, PLC and PC systems. In this context, the company takes over the project management, plans the implementation and coordinates partner companies regarding the installation of equipment.

As a result of the outstanding execution of its work, the globally-active company has an excellent reputation in the industry and realises several major projects each year. The company also carries out numerous small and service contracts, which increase customer loyalty as customers are given the right to use the software and this is indirectly linked to support provided by the company. The customers include businesses from all industry sectors and these have transport and conveyor systems, dosing and dosage control systems, food control systems or milling and compound feed plants.

Key elements in the success of the engineering company are its highly trained staff and long-term partnerships. The employees are highly-qualified personnel in the field of electrical and software engineering, computer science and electrical engineering.

The company achieved sales of more than CHF 1,184,000 in 2015. The high profitability is also reflected in the owner profit at the EBITDA level. This amounted to an attractive CHF 381,000 last year.

The owner now wishes to retire after the successful establishment of the business and many years of work in it, in order to focus on other non-industry-related projects. He is therefore looking for a successor who can continue to expand the profitable base and develop the company further.

To buy and operate this business solid knowledge of the German language is a requirement. The entire sales process (documents, correspondence, negotiations, contracts, etc.) is conducted exclusively in German.


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